Pictorial Poems


This is my dedicated site to the compositions of Oothukadu VenkataKavi. I am sharing with you my passion for the picture perfect songs he has composed. 

Krishna dancing on the hooded head of Kalinga was the ista devata of Venkata Kavi. All his compositions were born and sung in front of this image and the stories they depict are almost always of the child Krishna and his wonderful pranks .

The tireless efforts of Chitraveena exponent Shri N.Ravikiran has contributed the current standing that the compositions of VenkataKavi now has. Shri Ravikiran seeks out and collects songs, writes about them and teaches them online and offline. You can learn more about him here.

The temple


The Krishna temple in Oothukadu is a comparitively small one. But it is unique in the sense that it is perhaps the only temple in which the main idol is that of Krishna dancing on the serpent Kalinga.

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